Thursday, January 27, 2011

Sugar Detox: Part 1

After Halloween last year, I realized I had a major sugar problem. I do try to eat healthy, and limit my sugar. Imagine how surprised I would be if only I knew how much sugar I do consume. Especially on Halloween.

Let me explain: Halloween is my absolute free day, the day no calories are counted. No carbs are counted. No cookies are counted. The rule is, eat as much as you can. Sugar cookies, sausage balls, pumpkin pie, cheese ball, crackers, candy corn, macaroni salad. All foods are accepted and eaten (except sushi). If you don't like fudge, try this one anyway. Seriously, on the Lori consumption scale, Halloween trumps Thanksgiving every time.

So last Halloween, I followed the normal ritual. The end result was the worst migraine I have had in my life. Believe me, it was an achievement... err, maybe you wouldn't call it an achievement. Anyway it was up there at the tip of the scale.

So I get home, feeling ok. As the night goes on, however, my head begins to hurt. It's not that bad, so I don't take anything. Suddenly, within five minutes, I am so sick, I can hardly swallow a drink of water. Then the ibuprofen doesn't stay with me.

The wheels in my head begin turning at this point. It must have been the sugar and junk food, I decide. I immediately decide I am going to cut sugar out of my diet. Perhaps sugar is part of the reason for my life-long headaches?

To be continued...

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