Sunday, January 16, 2011

Computers: Unreliable Workers

   Computers are amazing. So amazing, that we cannot comprehend ever living without them. They do everything, are everything. Our activities begin and end, with computers involved in some part of the process.
When you go to the grocery, how are the items you buy inventoried? How does the cashier ring up your purchases?  When you buy your Christmas presents online, what are you using? When you have a burning question to which no one knows the answer, to where do you turn? What is on your desk at work? How do you look at your digital pictures? If you are reading this blog, I have no doubt that the answer to these questions, and others, has something to do with a computer.
That being said - have we come to rely on these scraps of metal and plastic too heavily? I have realized in recent months, more now than ever - I put too much faith in my computer. I have lost documents, deleted blogs,  searched for pictures, moved files… In short, my brain is so fried I could serve it up at Mom and Pop’s for dinner.
After many headaches, I have concluded that computers should be just as organized as a Tumbleweed Tiny House. I know people who achieve this organization by using backup hard drives and/or CD’s. I am not one of those people. Currently, mine is more like Ma and Pa Kettle’s kitchen pantry (you know the one where everything falls out as soon as the door is opened?) , but organization is my goal. Organization, and remembering to take the time to stop and smell the roses. You don't really need a computer for that (but it would help).


Faith said... kidding girl!

Jules said...

Good points Sis! I didn't read this post before our trip, but on our way home I was thinking about how I reply too much on FB & other things relating to the computer. I made myself a new schedule that I am doing my BEST to abide by. So I'm not so involved in my computer that I miss out on the sunshine outside my window. Well written too. Love all the metaphors you used in this post.